Once I deleted a files and it was months later I found out that I needed that files. Fortunately we have back up protection from All 3 IT. So I called All 3 IT and 10 minutes later I had my files back. If you own a business you are crazy not to have All 3 IT and especially crazy not to take advantage of all their services!

Wilbur F.

We ended up with only small windows to get the entire installation done. All 3 IT got the job done and really came through for us. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process of installation from beginning to end. The service that we chose and the way you programmed it saved us a bunch of money. Thanks for the help.

Curt R.

You always come on time you promise. Always take care of all our problems. Prompt and professional “on the phone” support.

Barbara F.

I like this people. They have been nice to work with.

Spencer B.

When we called All 3 IT to inquire about our network and security, we thought we would have to sacrifice some speed and security because of our budget. We got an education and everything we wanted and more (Peace of Mind) for far less than our budget. Thank you again, we are so glad we found you.

William M.

In the healthcare industry, the people who matter the most may not be able to even dial the phone. All 3 IT and Avaya have helped us overcome all the obstacles we had and even helped us with other features that have made our lives even easier and better. What a great partnership your two companies make.

Evan S.

Very personable. Easy to work with. Attentive to our needs. All 3 IT increased our productivity, gave us more options for expansion and enhanced use of technology.

Parker W.

Readily available, affordable and not only professional but friendly. We had few problems with our computers and all of them were completed on time, affordable and professionally. No loss of Business on the down time.

Mark H.

You keep at problem until all issues are resolved. Plus using your service helped me to save money and I really appreciate it.

Amy R.

Quick response and Live person on the line helps us a lot.

Sachiko F.

Attentive, easy to reach, easy to communicate with. You stick to it until fixed. We’ve worked together for over two years now – Each experience has been good-solid.

Patti A.

I am awestruck by the superior spam control you have provided. In just a few days my spam has gone from thousands daily to 8 in the past 3 days. Wow!

Sharon F.

I have to let you know what a difference that Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint has had in our business. Our communication has been better than ever by using the shared company calendars, and by sharing documents with Sharepoint. One of our employees got their laptop stolen while traveling to meet with a client and he was still able to present EVERYTHING using their computer, because everything was accessible on our server from the customer's internet browser!

Sheri C.